Charta Krymensiae

Game box 15The Krymenesian Charter was proclaimed. Thirty-five fearless sea monsters were given the task to protect the wilderness of the Krymenesian Waters. For years and centuries no creature has had the courage to venture into Krymenesia, until now… when the ocean’s most feared animals the orcas decided to take it over. Turn the sea monsters into your allies, use their powers, take over territories and close off one of the opponent’s whale from the open sea to become the King of the Sea.

Challenge a single opponent to an amazing intellectual battle, or join a friend so you can outmaneuver your opponent as a team, and conquer the Waters of Krymenesia. No one to play with? 48 logical puzzles offer you a great solitaire game where you have to explore territories that’ll remind you of nautical symbols.

Number of players: 2, Suggested age: 9 to Adult, Playing Time: 15 min.

1 start card, 35 territory cards, 36 orca meeples, 8 tactical tokens.

Weight: N/A g, Size: 180 x 130 x 40 mm

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