vikingdoms_cover_web-01Two Viking seafarers loot coins and build settlements by raiding islands. Each raid needs a larger troop that you recruit together so you can loot together… however the first to take the loot will be the one whose Viking leads the raiders.

Vikingdoms is a strategy game, where you map the territories, plan your actions to get the loot and then step by step prepare your decisive raid(s). Capture prisoners, make allies, avoid rioters, to become the first in building three identical settlements or gathering 16 coins, to build the VI. Kingdom!



Number of players: 2, Suggested age: 12 to Adult, Playing Time: 30 min.

6 board tiles, 12 territory tiles, 12-12 Vikings, 4 territory markers, 4 ally tiles, 1 raid marker

Weight: 330 g, Size: 150 x 100 x 40 mm

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